Friday, June 21, 2013

The Daily Geocacher...

At Indian Springs metropark in White Lake, Mi

Starting in the month of June I began the lofty goal of nabbing a cache every day for the month of June. Not so challenging now that I travel 32 miles to work daily. This would have been a task if I was still working in Ann Arbor (less than 15 minutes away from home). I've settled for those quick "park & grabs" during lunch hours or virtual caches on the way home, while still going to the metroparks on the weekends which I prefer. I got into geocaching for several reasons, and daily geocaching for statistical purposes was not one of them. It can be consuming if you let it, but I figured that I would succumb to the pressure for this month and still go geocaching periodically on the weekends with the cache we intended when we began this adventure. 

Spotted a snapping turtle on the trails at Indian Springs


Lately, I've been bitten by the "Metroparks Geocaching Adventure 2013" series at the local Huron-Clinton Metroparks in southeast Michigan. There are 13 total in this series with a prize for completing them by December. So far I have 7 of these caches with 6 left to go. Each cache has a code on the inner lid to collect. When all of the codes are collected, you are prompted to send them in to redeem your prize. Here is a link, if you're interested in completing this challenge.

Running through the meadow at Wolcott Mill Metropark
New Boardwalk at Lake St. Clair metropark




  1. Hi! We are from Alabama and visiting Michigan for the first time. We just recently got hooked on geocaching, and we are staying at a hotel so close to two of your hides that we couldn't resist going to find them. However, to our great disappointment, we could not locate either.
    GC3J3V5 "Charlie Victor Samuel"
    GC41EN7 "Follow the Signs"
    We looked and looked until muggles started to look uneasy over our presence. Could you please help us out? What are we missing?

    My email:

    Thank you, the Medlocks

  2. Follow the signs was archived because it was stolen and Charlie Victor Samuel is located under a magnetic electrical fixture on the lamp post in the rear of the CVS